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Rectangular & Square Cartons

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Carton Refill Detection

jam detection

Jam Detection

The model ESHB is an innovative high performance carton erector/sealer. This erector is built for heavy usage with quick and simple carton size changeover. The adjustments for the hopper width, carton width, and carton height are fine-tuned with easy-to-adjust screw drives. If you are looking for a simple yet heavy-duty built carton erector, this is a must-see system.

Carton Erector
Carton Erector
Tape Head
Carton Erector
Carton Erector
Carton Erector
  • Heavy Duty Frame (3mm)
  • Tool Kit
  • Manual Jog Button
  • Malfunction Alarm 3 Color
  • UL Approved Electrical Parts
Heavy Duty Frame

Heavy Duty Frame

CNC welded frame is made from 3mm steel

Tool Kit

Tool Kit

Tool kit contains the tools need for maintenance and adjustment of the carton sealer

Jog Button

Manual Jog Button

Step by step actuation of all movements.

Malfunction Alarm with 3 color light

Malfunction Alarm with 3 Color Light 

Alarm that alerts if the carton sealer has any problems. The three color light tower will allow you to see, at a glance, the status of your carton sealer.

UL Approved Electrical Parts

UL Approved Electrical Parts

Electrical parts used on the carton sealer are UL approved.

  • AC - 3" Top Tape Head

AC - 3" Top Tape Head

Part#: AC30U000

BestPack High Speed
AC Tape Head

BestPack Tape Heads are adjustable to handle very light, under filled cartons to heavy duty, overfilled cartons. Our brass knurled one-way roller was created to handle all 3 adhesive types with minimal service, always providing that consistent seal.

Power Requirements:
110 Volts, 60 Hz,
Air Requirements:
100 PSI, 10+ SCFM,

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Carton Ranges are fully customizable. 
Please inquire with our sales team for your 
specific requirements


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