Tape Comparison Chart

Tape Characteristics BP (Acrylic) BG (High Tack) HT (Hot Melt)
Application Temperature Range:   32°F - 150°F 32°F - 150°F  32°F - 104°F 
Service Temperature Range:   -30°F - 200°F  -30°F - 200°F 30°F - 140°F 
Quick Tack   checkmark green  checkmark black 
Usage in Extreme Temperatures (ideal for freezer/cold & high heat temperature applications)  checkmark red  checkmark green  
Clarity (will not discolor over time) checkmark red   checkmark green  
Consistent & Easy Release       checkmark black
UV Light Resistant   checkmark red  checkmark green  
Long Shelf Life  checkmark red   checkmark green  
High Shear      checkmark black
ISO 9001-Quality Standard   checkmark red  checkmark green  checkmark black
ISO 14001-Environmental Standard  checkmark red  checkmark green checkmark black 

All data subject to change without notice.

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