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China imports more recycled goods than any other country. But last year China implemented a policy that prohibits accepting several types of imported plastic and paper waste and started using stricter guidelines for what China was willing to take. This dramatic shift in policy comes from the country looking to reduce its carbon footprint. This policy change has acted as a catalyst for governments and corporations alike to explore new alternative ways of global waste management.

According to an article by WBJ (WBJ source) E.L. Harvey & Sons, a full-service waste hauling, transfer and scrap recycling operation located in Westborough MA, stockpiled nearly 6,000 tons of recycled paper product after China changed its policy. According to E.L. Harvey’s executive V.P. BJ Harvey about 90% of that product was purchased by China alone. China’s strict standards and policy changes have left E.L. Harvey stuck with the high volume of inventory for a new buyer. This is just one example; many other corporations are struggling to find a market for the recycled product and the issue is only getting worse.

Currently, several states are having to give companies waivers to throw out unmarketable recyclables directly into landfills. (NY Times Source) Companies used to get paid for there recyclables by sending it overseas but because of China’s National Sword policy companies are scrambling to find a more sustainable solution to the ever-growing recyclable crisis!

BestPack is doing its part by encouraging companies to swap over to recycled corrugated with BestPack’s BG carton sealing tape. BG has a specially formulated adhesive and film composition that contains quick tack and acrylic properties. It’s designed to work well with recycled corrugated boxes as well as overstuffed cartons and cartons in extreme hot or cold environments. It’s also ISO 9001 & 14001 certified meeting quality and environmental standards. This tape is exclusively sold at BestPack and is your first step to becoming more sustainable.

What about equipment? BestPack machines are known for running at 100% even after lasting over 20 years. Our equipment is made with heavy-duty 3mm CNC cut and welded steel. This means that fewer materials are being used to produce a brand-new machine. BestPack also has 120+ models of carton sealers for you to choose from based on your application. But if we don’t have what you need, we can customize a solution for you!

On top of all of this, you will see an increase in production, strong ROI metrics and a decrease in your carbon footprint. Start your sustainable future today with BestPack! Contact us at sales@bestpack.com.


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