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  • th tape head picture
th tape head picture
Category: TH - Tape Head (Legacy)

TH Tape Head (Legacy)

Legacy Tape Head

3 Roller Tape Feed System 3 Roller Tape Feed System
Knurled Brass Roller Knurled Brass Roller
Tab Length Adjustment<br>2 Tab Length Adjustment
2" to 2.5"
2" & 3" Available
Available High
N/A Stainless
Description / Features/ Spare Parts/

The TH – Tape Head is BestPack’s oldest pressure sensitive tape head that is still in use with a long proven track record. The TH – Tape Head was the very first tape head in the carton sealing industry to offer an adjustable tab length. It is still used in some limited short tab and a few agricultural carton sealer applications. It is also used as a replacement tape head for very old BestPack carton sealers that are still being used.

  • Heavy Duty
    Heavy Duty

    Allows the Tape Head to be Durable and Long Lasting.

  • Unique 5 Roller Tape Feed System
    Unique 5 Roller Tape Feed System

    Used for High Speed Applications.

  • Brass Knurled Roller
    Brass Knurled Roller

    Handles Acrylic and Hot Melt Tape with Minimal Adhesive Build-up

  • Tension Adjustment Knob
    Tension Adjustment Knob

    Allows the tape head to handle acrylic, hot melt, and natural rubber adhesives.

  • Handles Multiple Size Rolls
    Handles Multiple Size Rolls

    Designed to handle 1,000, 1,500, & 2,000 yard Length Machine Grade Tape Rolls.

  • Tab Length Adjustment
    Tab Length Adjustment

    Tab Length Adjustment from 2" to 2.5" long.

  • Pop-Out Tape Heads
    Pop-Out Tape Heads

    Tape Heads can be changed quickly and easily.

  • Application Wipe Down Rollers
    Application Wipe Down Rollers

    Has full spring adjustment for difficult applications from very soft under-filled cartons to heavy overfilled cartons.

  • Tool Steel Knife Blades
    Tool Steel Knife Blades

    Tool steel knife blades for long cutting life.

  • blade spare part
    Replacement Cutter Blades
  • rubber roller spare part
    Rubber Roller
  • springs spare part
    Tension Springs
  • brass roller spare part
    Brass Knurled Rollers
  • bumper bushing spare part
    Bumper Bushing
  • rubber bumper spare part
    Rubber Bumper
  • tape mandrel spare part
    Tape Head Mandrel


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