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Category: AC - Tape Head

AC Tape Head

Pressure Sensitive Tape Head

High Speed High Speed
Knurled Brass Roller Knurled Brass Roller
Optimizing Arm Optimizing Arm
2", 3", 4", & 6" Available
Available High
Available Stainless
Description / Features/ Spare Parts/

The BestPack pop-out AC High Speed Tape Head is time proven and our work horse pressure sensitive taping system used in the majority of our BestPack carton sealers. This tape head can handle a wide range of applications, from our standard speed belt drive of 78 fpm to our super high speed belt drive system of 180 fpm. The AC Tape Head is designed for very soft under-filled cartons to overfilled heavy duty cartons. This tape head also handles a wide range of film thickness and adhesive types.

  • Heavy Duty
    Heavy Duty

    Allows the Tape Head to be durable and long lasting.

  • Brass Knurled Roller
    Brass Knurled Roller

    Handles Acrylic and Hot Melt Tape with Minimal Adhesive Build-Up.

  • Tension Adjustment Knob
    Tension Adjustment Knob

    Used to adjust tension of the tape to avoid breaking.

  • Optimizing Arm
    Optimizing Arm

    For smooth tape unwinding of roll.

  • High Speed Design
    High Speed Design

    Flexible for Standard and High Speed Applications

  • Multiple Tape Sizes
    Multiple Tape Sizes

    Designed to Handle 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 yd. machine length rolls.

  • Tape Erect Plate System
    Tape Erect Plate System

    Allows for proper Position of the Tab for both acrylic and hot melt tape.

  • Tab Length Adjustment
    Tab Length Adjustment

    Adjustment of 2.5", 2.75", and 3.0".

  • Side Plate Cut Away
    Side Plate Cut Away

    Designed for easy Tape Threading.

  • Pop-Out Tape Heads
    Pop-Out Tape Heads

    Tape heads can be changed quickly and easily.

  • Application Wipe Down Rollers/Arms
    Application Wipe Down Rollers/Arms

    Tape heads now have full spring adjustment for difficult applications from very soft under filled cartons to heavy overfilled cartons.

  • Tool Steel Knife Blades
    Tool Steel Knife Blades

    BestPack blades have a long cutting life.

  • 6-inch mandrel spare part
    6-Inch Tape Head Mandrel
  • brass roller spare part
    Brass Knurled Rollers
  • bumper bushing spare part
    Bumper Bushing
  • blade spare part
    Replacement Cutter Blades
  • rubber bumper spare part
    Rubber Bumper
  • rubber roller spare part
    Rubber Roller
  • tape mandrel spare part
    Tape Head Mandrel
  • springs spare part
    Tension Springs


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