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End User Training

A huge part of BestPack’s success has been the longevity and consistency of our machines. Even though these machines are built for longevity, we offer tips and proper maintenance procedures that can increase your machine’s lifespan. These tips can easily be found in any BestPack machine manual or can be emailed to you. Our trained technicians are also willing to personally train your staff to maximize the productivity of our machines.

Contact our Customer Service Department to receive more information.

Michael Byrne
Manager of Product Development & Engineering
(909) 987-4258 ext. 138

Distributor Training

Selling machinery for the first time can be overwhelming at first with all the technical specifications and engineering terminology. But thanks to our experienced sales engineers, BestPack offers training sessions to give our valued distributors the necessary tools to understand and successfully qualify the need for a BestPack machine.

Some topics covered in training sessions:

  • Five Key Questions to ask when approaching a customer on selling automation.
  • Becoming familiar with BestPack equipment and tape as well as our programs and promotional offerings.
  • Identify applications for carton sealers.
  • Recommend the right equipment and tape based on the customer’s need.
  • Knowledge about making adjustments and setting up a basic carton sealer.
  • How to switch the tape business while leaving the competitor’s carton sealer in place.
  • Basic troubleshooting knowledge of our carton sealers & tape head adjustments.
  • Setup, adjust, and install basic carton sealers
  • Learning a sales approach on tape that allows you to become a consultant instead of a commodity seller.
  • Become a valuable resource instead of a “me to” supplier.
  • Opportunity to b hands-on with equipment and tape, but to see our very comprehensive demo showroom, which includes 22 different pieces of equipment. 

These training sessions have been found to be very valuable tools in assisting our distributors become more familiarized with our products and assessing the need of your clients.

For more information, please contact our sales department:

Michelle Petro
Executive Assistant
(909) 987-4258 ext. 141

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