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Here at BestPack we are always looking for ways to improve your experience as a business as well as how we can help you expand and grow. We have listed 4 different ways BestPack’s packaging tape can help you take your business to the next level.

  • Utilizing “Fragile” or “Heavy” printed tapes to increase awareness when handling and shipping products.
  • Increasing brand awareness with your business’s logo on custom printed tape.
  • Using colored tape for organize your products or brighten the packaging of the products you ship out.
  • Providing you options of printing either surface or lock printed tape.

Reducing expenses is something every business should be interested in. One way to significantly do this is by ensuring your packages are shipped and handled correctly. Think about how much it costs when a package is damaged in shipment, then the costs of shipping it back plus resealing and sending the package back out to the customer! Not something that one would like to deal with.

BestPack provides several general printed tapes from “Fragile” or “Heavy”, so your carrier is aware to be extra careful with the package by the time it reaches your customer. But it not only provides awareness for the carrier it also lets your customers know you put extra care into sending the package. These little details only add to the overall customer experience and will create a lasting impact for your brand and business.

Now remember your not just using just any kind of tape. Your using BestPack printed tape which is made of some of the strongest film and adhesive to guarantee a consistent seal every time. Seal with the confidence that the package will not knick or tear no matter how your  carrier handles the package.

Brand is a huge part of how businesses market themselves today. That being said your brand should be the first thing a customer sees when they receive a package from you. An easy and inexpensive way to do this is printing is by using custom tape with your logo on it. It provides an enhanced unboxing experience and conveys whether or not the product ordered comes from a reputable company.  

Now keep in mind your not limited to just your logo you can custom print mostly any tape which can include your logo, slogan, signature colors or artwork to immediately identify your brand on arrival. This will create customer retention and could possibly create organic growth through word of mouth for your business.

Good quality and beautiful packaging screams professionalism to any potential client. We have multiple widths and sizes for hand or machine roll lengths available today!

One key to success is great organization and in particular, Warehouse Organization. Being able to quickly identify the products or items you need for use in your warehouse can immediately speed up the production lines of your warehouse or business space. As an example: If one was using our colored tape to identify different kinds of product in the warehouse, employees could instantly see where one or multiple products are, pick them out and put them on the production line. This immediately cuts down any time spent locating a product or figuring out if it’s the correct one! Colored tape from BestPack is only available on our BP acrylic tape, this kind of tape is a water based acrylic and which can be used in extreme temperatures, gets a stronger seal over time and has a pricing advantage over most carton sealing adhesives in the market today.  

Let’s detail the differences between these two tapes below. Both are for use in custom printing of tape and are available in all width options.

  • Surface print tape has your custom logo or artwork printed above the film and adhesive on your tape. This allows us to print this type of tape in smaller volumes with quick production times without hurting your wallet.
  • Lock Print allows you to print your custom logo below the film and above the adhesive. This is a more cost effective way of printing custom printed tape if you are doing higher volume prints.

If you’re searching for high quality custom printed tape, BestPack is the answer for you. With high quality acrylic tape and options to print you custom printed tape it explains why customers companies are coming to BestPack to get custom printed tape by the pallet! Inquire with us now to get a quote on colored tape, customer printed tape, or any of our packaging tapes today! Let’s get your brand on the right track and start getting you the brand awareness to make your business successful!

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