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It’s 2020 and our world is becoming more polluted every day due to tons of waste being produced by companies only to make more profits at the cost of our environment. According to the source Jabil, Inc., global economies produce over 9.2 billion tons of wasted material. 91% of that has never been recycled. Because of that packaging waste has grown exponentially due to poor recycling infrastructure, heightened cost of sustainable material and consumer hesitancy to pay more for sustainable products. Essentially profits come first over our planet.* BestPack is changing that with the products we offer. We are committed to creating a more sustainable future for our planet.

Because BestPack is committed to improving its environmental footprint we made a decision to go solar-powered in 2015! BestPack’s HQ in Ontario, CA is powered by a 100 kW PV solar panel system. Our manufacturing factories in Taiwan have over 130,000 square feet of solar panels. Just one of the many steps BestPack is taking to create a more sustainable planet. BestPack’s tape manufacturing plant in Taiwan is ISO 9001 + 14001 certified, we follow a set of rules that minimize the harmful effects that our products have on the environment. BestPack machines are produced by using CNC stamped + welded materials resulting in less material waste.

In our commitment to recycling and sustainability BestPack has developed an exclusive line of carton sealing tape specifically made for recycled corrugated. BestPack’s BG carton sealing tape offers the quick tack properties of hot melt and the extreme temperature ranges of acrylic. This gives companies a better reason to start being environmentally responsible by using recycled corrugated for their fulfillment needs.

Often times the most amount of waste comes from hand taping. Using a BestPack carton sealer not only reduces repetitive motion for your employees which could lead to injury but also eliminates potential waste in packaging tape. The great thing about using BestPack automation is that you enhance the look of your packages while increasing your output.

A big issue some companies face when they start to think about reducing their environmental footprint is the high cost. BestPack manufactures equipment that will survive the test of time. There is equipment that is 20 years old and still in full production. Our equipment is made from high-grade steel that doesn’t deteriorate or break like other manufacturers. Long-lasting equipment means less material used to build another machine when inferior equipment breaks down.

This is just the beginning for BestPack. Our goal is to get as many companies to be more environmentally sustainable through our long-lasting machines and exclusive ISO 9001 + 14001 certified BG tape made specifically for recycled corrugated. Watch out for us because we plan to make a difference in the years to come!




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