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At BestPack, sustainably is not just something we do for the sake of doing it. It’s been part of our culture from day 1 and it will continue to be a big part of our future – the future of our business, and of our planet.

So, what exactly do our sustainability efforts include? We’re happy to share!

We run on the sun…

That’s right, we’re solar powered. Mother Nature provides ample sunlight to run both our headquarters in California and our manufacturing plants.

Our tape is responsible…

All of our package and sealing tapes are responsibly sourced. Our BG acrylic tape is designed to be used on recycled cardboard for single stream recycling. BestPack also offers Paper Tape our most sustainable solution yet! It has a 54% biobase and is biodegradable. Lastly, our EZ peel tape can easily be removed from packaging to not hinder the recyclability of the carton itself by leaving unrecyclable tape on it.

Our manufacturing measures up…

The manufacturing facilities that produce BestPack’s carton sealing tapes are ISO 14001 approved. Having this environmental management systems in place means that we are able to do our part to minimize the negative effects manufacturing can have on the environment.

We’re built to last…

Our machines are the ultimate in green. Many BestPack machines in the industry are more than 20 years old, and with proper maintenance they continue to perform at their peak condition. No need for regular replacement means you save money and save space in the landfill.

Energy efficiency is key…

Automated features in our manufacturing, and in our products, allow for high efficiency and less maintenance on machines.

Through all of these efforts, our goal is a more efficient use of resources and the reduction of  waste.

For more information on BestPack’s sustainability efforts, check out our Youtube channel, or call on our sales team today.

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