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Carton Sealing Tape: What It Is, Types, & What It is Used For?

Carton sealing tape is a true unsung hero in the world of packaging, playing a vital role in both the bustling commercial sphere and the quiet corners of our homes. Often called box or packaging tape, this staple helps ensure that everything from your newest gadget to your favorite snacks reaches you safe and sound.

Made from sturdy materials like polypropylene and coated with a strong adhesive, this tape clings reliably to cardboard and other packaging materials. Its durability, resistance to weather, and ability to withstand weight and avoid tears make it a dependable choice for securing your items. Whether you’re sending a care package to a loved one or stocking shelves in a warehouse, there’s a type of carton sealing tape just right for the job.

Today, let’s explore carton sealing tape, uncover its various kinds, and explore how it keeps goods safe during their journey to us. Understanding more about carton sealing tape can significantly boost the efficiency of your shipping and reduce your packaging costs. 

What is Carton Sealing Tape?

What is Carton Sealing Tape

Carton sealing tape, affectionately known as box or packaging tape, is like the reliable friend you call on to ensure everything stays in place. This pressure-sensitive tape is crafted especially for securing corrugated fiberboard boxes. Made from a resilient polypropylene backing, it’s coated with a sticky adhesive that bonds firmly to cardboard and other packaging materials. Designed to stand the test of time, this tape is durable and resistant to the elements, but it’s also strong enough to support considerable weight and resist tearing. Whether packing up for a move, shipping out products, or simply storing items, carton sealing tape is your go-to for keeping things neatly and securely bundled up.

Applications of Carton Sealing Tape

Applications of Carton Sealing Tape

Carton sealing tapes are utilized in various industries for different purposes, including:

  • E-commerce and Retail: It is crucial in e-commerce to ensure that goods are securely packaged when shipped to customers. Carton sealing tape is used to close boxes that will be handled multiple times during transit.
  • Food and Beverage: In the food sector, sealing tapes help maintain packaging integrity, protecting food items from contamination and spoilage. They can also withstand freezer-like conditions for frozen foods.
  • Manufacturing: For securing goods during manufacturing processes and ensuring they are safely transported to the next production stage or the market.
  • Household Uses: Besides commercial use, carton sealing tape is handy for packing personal belongings for storage or relocation.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensuring drugs and medical supplies are safely sealed and tamper-proof during storage and transit.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Our cutting-edge innovation allows us to seal recycled corrugate, effectively providing a sustainable packaging solution. Ideal for companies committed to eco-friendly practices, this advancement supports a seamless transition to greener packaging options without compromising quality or durability.

When deciding on the ideal carton sealing tape, the decision often hinges on the specific demands of your task. Factors such as the weight of the contents, the conditions under which they will be shipped, the storage temperature, and the desired level of security all play crucial roles. Each variety of tape brings its own set of advantages to the table. If you’re on the lookout for recommendations tailored to common needs, here are some options that might suit different scenarios:

Carton Sealing Tape Options

Carton Sealing Tape Options

  1. BP Water-Based Acrylic Tape:
    • Description: Ideal for general purposes, this tape offers good clarity, UV resistance, and excellent aging properties. It performs well in extreme temperatures and is suitable for applications in hot or freezer conditions, warehouses, retail, and various industries.
  2. HT Hot Melt Tape:
    • Description: Known for its quick adhesive action and strong bond, this tape is perfect for applications requiring immediate box closure and stronghold. It works well in environments where speed and efficiency are priorities, such as Logistics and fulfillment centers.
  3. BG High Tack:
    • Description: It offers immediate adhesion to various industries, including recycled materials, and is suitable for manual and automated dispensing systems. Ideal for securing packages during transit, its strong bond ensures durability and reliability.
  4. Custom Packing Tape & Custom Colored Printed Tape:
    • Description: Offering customization options, the printed tape can feature logos, handling instructions, or security warnings. This enhances brand visibility and communicates handling instructions directly on the packaging.
  5. EZ-Peel Tape:
    • Description: Offers a strong adhesive for secure sealing and an easy-to-peel design for quick unpacking, enhancing efficiency in packaging operations.
  6. Paper Tape: 
    • Description: Our most sustainable packaging solution. Designed for environmentally conscious businesses, this biodegradable tape offers reliable sealing performance while being made from renewable resources and breaking down naturally after disposal.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Carton Sealing Tape

Factors to Consider When Choosing Carton Sealing Tape

  • Adhesion Properties: Different adhesives offer different levels of stickiness and bonding times. For instance, hot melt tapes provide a more robust, quicker adhesion than acrylic but may not perform as well in icy conditions.
  • Durability: Consider the tape’s resistance to aging, sunlight, and temperature changes. PVC and higher-grade acrylic tapes tend to offer the best in durability.
  • How Heavy is your carton? If you’re shipping heavy items or need more strength in bundling, BestPack offers thicker mil tapes designed to handle heavier products without snapping.
  • Application Environment: BestPack’s acrylic tape is ideal for packages exposed to extreme or fluctuating environmental conditions. Engineered to endure harsh environments, this tape provides a tamper-evident seal and ensures your packages remain secure and intact.
  • Are you using Recycled Corrugate? : If environmental impact is a concern, look for BestPack’s paper tapes that can be recycled directly with boxes. BG tape is still made from BOPP and must be removed before recycling the box. However, a significant advantage of BG tape is its superior performance with recycled corrugate compared to standard BOPP tapes.


Carton sealing tape is an essential tool in the world of packaging. It comes in various types, each designed to meet different needs, ranging from simple box sealing in homes to securing heavy and valuable items in commercial shipments. Understanding the different kinds of tape and their specific uses can significantly enhance the efficiency and security of your packaging operations.

Whether tidying up at home or running a bustling business, choosing the suitable tape is critical to adequate packaging. The ideal carton sealing tape for you will depend on your specific requirements. Various options are available that promise durability, security, and efficiency.

Whether your packages need to withstand the light touch of retail handling or the rigorous demands of industrial transport, you can find a tape tailored to those needs. Always consider the conditions your packages will encounter and select a tape that matches those conditions for the best performance.

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