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Carton Sealing Tape: What It Is, Types, & What It is Used For?

June 19, 2024

Carton sealing tape is a true unsung hero in the world of packaging, playing a vital role in both the bustling commercial sphere and the quiet corners of our homes. Often called box or packaging tape, this staple helps ensure that everything from your newest gadget to your favorite snacks reaches you safe and sound. Made from sturdy materials like polypropylene and coated with a strong adhesive, this tape clings reliably to cardboard and other packaging materials. Its durability, resistance to weather, and ability to withstand weight and avoid tears make it a dependable choice for securing your items. Whether …

4 Types of Case Sealing Categories: Buying Guide 2024

June 19, 2024

Many industries strive to enhance both efficiency and reliability in their packaging processes. This is where BestPack case sealers shine. These indispensable tools in modern packaging lines boost productivity and ensure your products are securely sealed and protected during transit. With various models tailored to different scales and technological needs, there’s a case sealer for every type of business. Dive into our detailed guide to explore the various types of case sealers and discover how to choose the right one to streamline your operations and meet your specific business needs. Types of Case Sealers Adjustable Manual Case Sealers: These machines …

Section 179 Tax Deduction in 2024: A Golden Opportunity for Packaging Upgrades

June 17, 2024

Maximize Your Savings with Section 179 in 2024! Timing is everything in business, and 2024 presents a golden opportunity to upgrade your packaging operations! Our latest blog dives into how the extended and enhanced Section 179 tax deduction can revolutionize your packaging line and why BestPack is your perfect partner in this journey.

Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Wrap Machine: What It Is and How to Use It

May 16, 2024

Efficiency and protection are paramount in packaging. A shrink wrap machine, a staple in various industries, embodies these qualities by providing a means to quickly and securely wrap products in a protective plastic film. Let us explore what shrink wrap machines are, the different types available, how they operate, and practical tips for their use.   What is a Shrink Wrap Machine?   A shrink wrap machine is a device that encloses or wraps products in a transparent, plastic film that is then subjected to heat. The heat causes the film to shrink tightly over whatever it is covering. This …

L-Bar Sealers: Effective Shrink Systems to Increase Product Security

May 16, 2024

Why Buy an L-Bar Sealer?     L-Bar Sealers are crucial in logistics and warehousing operations, providing efficient and secure packaging solutions. These machines are designed to quickly and effectively seal products in shrink film, protecting them during transportation and storage.   L-Bar sealers are indispensable tools providing efficient and effective solutions for sealing various products in shrink film. These machines are named for their distinctive “L” shaped sealing bars, which swiftly and precisely seal shrink films around items, creating secure and professional-looking packages.   L-bar sealers are versatile packaging machines designed to seal products in shrink film efficiently and …

Unveiling BestPack’s Commitment to Sustainability: Beyond Greenwashing

April 22, 2024

At BestPack, we’re all about sustainability, not just as a buzzword but as a real commitment. Learn in our latest blog how BestPack prioritizes sustainability and innovating in eco-friendly packaging. From biodegradable PLA tape to recycled materials, they lead in genuine environmental efforts, urging collective action for a greener future. Let’s make a real difference, one package at a time.

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