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2019 will lead to more convenient ways to online shopping. People everywhere are ordering anything and everything online. Mobile ordering, bots, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality will revolutionize the way mobile ordering will be for consumers. With new e-commerce innovation on the rise comes higher demand. According to a study by statista Retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach 700 billion by 2022. With demand going up every year BestPack wants to make sure your packaging costs stay low while still meeting your fulfillment demands every year.


  • Random Innovation – Packages are shipped in all shapes and sizes. Seal your package in 1 carton sealer that can handle a random assortment of boxes. BestPack’s Random Sidedrive is the premiere semi-automatic solution for your internet fulfillment needs. Its random high-speed design is perfect for busy fulfillment centers that need a fast and easy solution to integrate in there packaging line.
  • Who needs operators – What if you want a fully automated solution? BestPack has 2 different solutions for you. Our CSX which is designed to seal 12 cartons/min. Or if you need something with more speed our CSS, a servo driven fully automatic solution that can seal up to 30 cartons/min. without needing an operator.
  • Customization – What if our random innovations don’t work with your application? That’s okay! BestPack is known for customizing any solution to your specific application. Fill out an application form and send it to sales@bestpack.com. Our technicians will find or customize a solution that fits your specific application.



Why not utilize your BestPack carton solution with some cost-efficient carton sealing tape? We carry a full line of carton sealing tape that works in any environment as well as an exclusive tape that has both acrylic & hot melt properties.

  • Acrylic – are you looking for a carton sealing tape that works in hot or cold environments, doesn’t yellow, has excellent clarity & is perfect for food packaging operations? BestPack’s BP water-based acrylic is the perfect solution for you.
  • Hot Melt – adhesive tape with increased tack and sheer. BestPack’s HT tape has an aggressive seal immediately upon application. Its release coating makes your box seal consistent every time.
  • Acrylic Hybrid – What if you want the properties of both acrylic & hot melt at an affordable price? BestPack’s BG tape is a hybrid type of the two and is specially formulated for applications using 100% recycled corrugated.

All of our carton sealing tape is available in hand and/or machine rolls. You also have the option to convert the tape to custom printed tape. Contact your local BestPack Representative if you have any questions.

Based on the article: 2019 Will Be a Revolutionary Year for Online Shopping.

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