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Category: Carton Sealers Belt Drive: Top & Bot Belt Drive


Up to 38 Cartons/min.

Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Uniform Cartons Uniform Cartons
HSC Seal HSC Seal
90 PSI
Description / Specifications/ Features/ Accessories/

The BestPack ATFXU Series is an operator-free carton sealer designed to cater to the heavy duty needs of HSC carton usage. Using pressure sensitive tape to seal cartons, the ATFXU was designed for oranges, lemons, potatoes, and other produce. It has four stations: an indexer station, a positive outer sleeve lifting station with vibration that is activated only if the outer sleeve does not lift, a flap folding station, leading to a final station which seals the top and bottom flaps, leaving the top and bottom flaps sealed but not tabbed together.

Our ATFXU line incorporates our exclusive 2″ or 3″ pop-out pressure-sensitive “High Speed” tape heads with BestPack’s patented tab adjustment. All BestPack units are available in our standard baked enamel finish and food grade 304 stainless steel for 21 CFR 110 compliance.

  • Speed Up to 38 Cartons/min.
  • Power Requirements 220 Volts 3 Phase - 6 AMPS, 10:1 Ratio, 1/5 hp
  • Air Requirements 90 PSI, 8 SCFM
  • Shipping Weight 1,098 lbs
  • Machine Dimensions (107.5") x (40.3") x (58.7")
  • Carton Range (16.7" - 23.3") x (11.6" - 15.3") x (5.3" - 10.5")
  • Trip Current (A) 20
  • FLA 5
  • Conveyor Height adjustment (24.0" - 31.0")
  • Phase 1
  • SCCR (KA) 10
  • Max Current (A) 7.5
  • Power (W) 550
  • Specifications based on Line Specifications based on ATFXU-2

Specifications based on ATFXU-2

  • Exclusive Pop-out Pressure Sensitive
    Exclusive Pop-out Pressure Sensitive "High Speed" Tape Head

    With Patented Tab Adjustment and Noise Reduction Arm

  • Heavy Duty Frame
    Heavy Duty Frame

    3mm Frame

  • Unique Positive Outer Sleeve Lifting Station
    Unique Positive Outer Sleeve Lifting Station

  • Flap Folding Horns
    Flap Folding Horns

  • Rear Minor Flap Side Action Kicker
    Rear Minor Flap Side Action Kicker

  • SMC Maintenance Free
    SMC Maintenance Free

    Oil-less Air Cylinders with Air Cushion

  • Capable of Interchanging 2
    Capable of Interchanging 2" or 3" High Speed BestPack Tape Heads

  • High Speed Top and Bottom Belt Drive System
    High Speed Top and Bottom Belt Drive System

  • Quick Change Belt Drive Assembly Tracks
    Quick Change Belt Drive Assembly Tracks

  • Belt Drives are Equipped w/ a “V” Guide
    Belt Drives are Equipped w/ a “V” Guide

  • Self Centering Guide Rails
    Self Centering Guide Rails

  • Width/Height Adjustment
    Width/Height Adjustment

    Can Be Mounted on Either Side of Carton Sealer

  • Adjustable Compression Rollers
    Adjustable Compression Rollers

  • Interlock Safety Gates
    Interlock Safety Gates

  • Tape Roll Lengths
    Tape Roll Lengths

    1,000 yd., 1,500 yd., 2,000 y

  • UL Approved Electrical Parts
    UL Approved Electrical Parts

  • Heavy Duty Casters
    Heavy Duty Casters

  • spare parts kit accessory
    Spare Parts Kit

    Minimize downtime by always having a spare with BestPack’s Spare Parts Kit.
    *Spare Parts Kits may vary based on machine*

  • spare tape head accessory
    Spare Tape Heads

    Order a spare tape head with your machine to minimize down time. Having a spare will allow you to drop in a tape head with a new roll of tape in no time!

  • carton sealing tape accessory
    BestPack Carton Sealing Tape

    Put high quality tape on your BestPack Carton Sealer. Make sure to order machine length rolls for your new carton sealer.

  • Low Tape No Tape Sensor Feature
    Low Tape No Tape Sensor

    The Low Tape light allows operator to prepare a new roll of tape. The No Tape alarm will inform operator of error so that the carton may be resealed.

  • stainless steel picture
    Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel

    This machine is available in 304 stainless steel which is food grade safe for food applications.


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