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Category: Flow Wrappers

C Series

Up to 100 Packages/min.

Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
High Speed High Speed
Flow Wrap Packaging Flow Wrap Packaging
1 Phase 10 AMP
900 lbs. SHIPPING
Description / Specifications/ Features/ Accessories/

The Inverted C-Series Flow Wrappers (IVF) are used by many bakeries, confectionaries, edible marijuana, and cannabis manufacturers. Designed with a twin-motor drive, it is considered one of the best flow wrappers of its generation. It is suitable for edibles, candy, cookies, a wide variety of baked goods, and other products that are difficult to transfer on a conventional horizontal flow wrapper.

The film comes up from the bottom and the fin seal is on top. The film travels down the length of the infeed where products are loaded directly onto the film and carried through the sealing jaws which makes transferring small products simpler. A stainless steel loading table comes installed as a standard feature.

The film reel is loaded from the bottom of the machine. The reel unwind roller is synchronized with the film advance roller which eliminates the possibility of overfeeding or underfeeding of film. The end seal system which contains a knife with an anvil on the crimp jaws is synchronized with the infeed to eliminate the tendency of products to get caught between the jaws. Both systems are controlled by a PLC and inverter for a high-quality result.

All C Series machines include safety guards as a basic accessory with an end seal jam sensor, which can detect product jams and film residue on the end seal to stop the machine from going out-of-sync from its end seal position.

The Inverted C-Series Flow Wrappers provide speeds of up to 100 PPM with a rigid chassis that was designed for much higher speeds.

  • Speed Up to 100 Packages/Min.
  • Power Requirements 220 Volt 10 AMP
  • Shipping Weight 900 lbs.
  • Machine Dimensions (148.0") x (26.0") x (56.0")
  • Carton Range (2.5" -7.25") x (1.25" - 4.25") x (1.5")
  • Phase 1
  • Specifications based on Line Specifications based on C250-IVF & IVC

Specifications based on C250-IVF & IVC

  • 6.5 ft (2 meter) infeed
    6.5 ft (2 meter) infeed

  • Print Registration Photo Eye
    Print Registration Photo Eye

  • 2 ft Power Discharge Conveyor
    2 ft Power Discharge Conveyor

  • 7-inch Omron Color Touchscreen
    7-inch Omron Color Touchscreen

  • End Seal Jam Sensor
    End Seal Jam Sensor

  • Panasonic PLC
    Panasonic PLC

  • Digital Temperature Control
    Digital Temperature Control

  • Encoder

  • IVC Models with Flighted Infeed
  • IVC models with belted infeed
  • Stainless Steel 304 Construction
  • Auto Card Dispenser w/Card Magazine
  • Coding: Solid Ink Roller
  • Coding: Thermal Transfer
  • Gas Flushing Device
  • Gusseted Bag Forming Device
  • Reduced Loading Platform Length
  • Reduced Speed Changeover
  • Special Voltage
  • Dual Sealing Jaws
  • Hole Punch Device


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