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It’s been 8 months and we are still living with Covid-19. During that time online fulfillment has skyrocketed! What does this mean? Higher demand, rising labor costs, increased packaging waste, and more. BestPack has compiled a list of reasons why purchasing a carton sealer will not only sustain your business and allow you to grow. 

One of the biggest catalysts to growth is increasing output. BestPack carton sealers are all about boosting your production rate and giving back your ROI right awayIf you’re manually sealing your cartons, using a carton sealer could nearly double your sealing rate immediately. Faster sealing = Less Production time and/or more output for your company!  

Often you never get a secure seal when you manually seal it. You sometimes must apply several strips of tape to make sure your product is sealed correctlyThis in itself is a huge waste of time, packaging materials, and money! Eliminating waste is what a carton sealer is made to do. Running your carton through a machine ensures a clean secure seal every time with just 1 strip of tape.

Having a clean seal is not just about security. It is also a representation of your brand first! A clean seal means improved packaging presentation which shows what type of company you are when customers receive your products. A carton sealer will ensure a consistent and clean seal with every package you send out. 

Many users of staples, glue, or strapping can sometimes damage your product while it is being packaged. Staples can pierce your product; glue is messy and can stick on to your product; and straps can squeeze product which could potentially damage it. The machines used for these applications also come with a high maintenance cost which could cost you more than a carton sealer maintenance.   

We’ve already established that carton sealers provide a consistent seal that manual sealing cannot. What comes with a consistent seal is enhanced securityYour product is properly secured thus preventing your product from getting lost during transport and eliminating pilferage. 

The repetitive motion has many side effects on your employees. From cramping to muscle fatigue which could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. This only leads to employees calling out which can create a loss in production time. It is every companies’ ethical responsibility to make sure their employees are properly cared for. One of the best ways is to avoid this is with using a carton sealer. It eliminates repetitive motion for your employees and makes sure your production is always running. 

Companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by cutting the amount of packaging supplies used to ship product. Using a carton sealer not only means less tape being used. It also means you can reduce your carton usage by up to 20%. Thanks to BestPack R&D we’ve developed a wide selection of solutions that lets you seal a variety of cartons all within the same machine. Ship the package that you want with the box that you want. 

Covid will eventually go away but the actions you take now to grow your business is what will determine your future. Start with BestPackWith over 120+ carton sealing solutions available BestPack is the #1 solution provider for you! If you can’t find what youre looking for, we can custom build one foyou, so your applications are sealed the right way. Get started on finding your packaging solution here! For any other questions contact us directly at sales@bestpack.com. 


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