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Consumers are more aware than ever of the environmental impact of their choices in products. As a result, and rightly  so, more and more businesses are being scrutinized for their environmental impact causing companies to turn to packaging sources that are responsible and ecologically friendly. 

When considering shipping options, brands want to know about the environmental effects of the materials they use, along with how they can reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re thinking about using 100% recycled corrugated, here’s how it might help your business support responsible sourcing while also considering the environment and how best to transition to this.

The main environmental advantage of 100% recycled corrugated boxes is that they are made from recycled paper and can be recycled again after they have been used. Additionally, nearly all 100% recycled corrugated packaging is made without color-changing dyes or by bleaching the product, which makes it so it can be disposed of more ecologically. 100% recycled corrugated is manufactured from paper pulp and is predominately made from the fast-growing pine tree timber but can also be created from wood chips and leftover materials from a range of paper-making processes. 

Manufactures of 100% recycled corrugated cartons primarily source their materials from recycling plants and from managed and sustained pine tree forests wherein the timber is replaced with new seedlings to begin the process over again.

100% recycled corrugated can also be reused as is, helping to further reduce packaging costs and the environmental impact. Instead of continuing to utilize forests, over time we can reuse the existing 100% recycled corrugated cartons to phase out the use of pine tree forests almost entirely. 100% recycled corrugated is very sturdy and made to handle various weights, making it quite user-friendly to reuse and take advantage of. Additionally, when the packages reach the end of the line, consumers can reuse these sturdy packages again for storing items or documents or simply recycle them. 

A major benefit of 100% recycled corrugated packaging is that it saves considerable energy in the production of these cartons. Instead of having to source virgin materials to create these cartons, suppliers can utilize local sources of recycled material, which is already nearly in the perfect form to be used, to create these cartons – saving energy and the environment all in one.

In today’s marketplace, most companies are creating and utilizing cartons that are exactly the right size for their products. Having these boxes be the right size and not larger allows there to be less space wasted in storing and often times better rates on shipping – thus reducing a company’s carbon-footprint through storage, manufacturing of the cartons and shipping.

100% Recycled Corrugated

Switching to 100% Recycled Corrugated with BestPack’s BG High Tack Tape

A factor in switching over to 100% recycled corrugated is that there can be difficulties when it comes to correctly sealing these packages – that’s why you need the right tape for the job, a tape made specifically to address this problem. BestPack’s BG High Tack Tape is an acrylic tape that has a specially formulated adhesive and film composition designed to create a high tack property with 100% recycled corrugated packages.  It has been formulated specifically for challenging and difficult applications and can be used in extreme temperatures, coupled with being a proven solution for 100% recycled corrugated boxes. This makes it the perfect solution to use when transitioning into an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Additionally, BestPack Packaging Solutions offers a wide range of packaging machines that were built to reduce a companies carbon-footprint, increase efficiency and give the perfect seal to every carton that passes through our machines. BestPack machines are made with top-quality steel, which means our machines last longer and require less wear and tear – cutting down your carbon-footprint on purchasing a whole new machine, while still boosting your packaging efficiency. BestPack has a wide selection of carton sealers and carton erectors that can be customized to fit into practically any packaging production line as an automatic or semi-automatic solution.

BG High Tack Tape


Switching to 100% recycled corrugated isn’t just the best solution from an environmental perspective, it’s also what your consumers want – and it’s easy to do with our help here at BestPack. Especially considering the fact that our BG High Tack Tape is provided only by BestPack, no other competitors offer this. Interested in giving BG a shot? Contact your local BestPack representative and request a sample today! Make the switch now!

Reference: https://www.packagingdigest.com/sustainable-packaging/5-environmental-advantages-of-corrugated-packaging-2018-09-21


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