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Custom Packing Tape & Colored Packing Tape

Custom Printed Tape & Generic Tape Available

Custom Tape

Custom Packing Tape to Promote Your Brand:

Surface & Lock Print

BestPack’s line of custom printed and generic printed tape adds security to your packages. In addition to the added security, custom printing capabilities give your packages that professional advertising appeal with your brand name and message. If you are looking for some of the best custom packing tape and colored printed tape then BestPack has you covered.

Custom Packing Tape

Create your own custom packing tape! Using custom packing tape printed with your business logo or information is the perfect way to brand products or boxes you are shipping to clients or customers. This custom packing tape has a strong adhesive that will stick great to any surface and will securely seal your packages. Contact us to get more information regarding this product.

You will immediately stand out from the competition with interesting, fun and professional custom packaging tape that customers won’t expect but will pleasantly surprise them. Think about ways in which you can make the most out of your custom packing tape rolls, you can store them and use them for different seasonal campaigns, switch them up to match the time of the year, to promote other products, give out special coupons and more.

What are you waiting for? Add a personal and professional touch to your boxes and shippings with custom packing tape. With over 30 years of experience and customer satisfaction, BestPack is a name you can trust. We are always here to help with any questions you may have about our custom packing tape printing services or any others.

Generic Custom Packing Tape Sample Prints

Custom Tapes
Custom Tape

Colored Packing Tape

Bring Out Your Packaging

Add the ability to categorize your product with BestPack’s line of colored packing tape. Available in both hand or machine length rolls, the BestPack colored packing tape line brings bright and colorful sealing options to your packages.

The packing tapes that are used in sealing cartons for inventory management, shipping and moving traditionally come in the standard brown or transparent color. Those packing tapes do the job, but it has been established that colored packing tapes could make things easier. Colored packing tape has the same high holding power as the non-colored variety, and it also adheres well to various surfaces such as fiberboard, corrugated cartons, film and paper; however, the colors are the deal-makers. They could be used as a labeling tool, which would enable you to keep the cartons organized.

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Custom Packing Tape

Suitable for Every Industry

For customer-centric businesses, standing out is imperative. From the customer receiving clothing or accessories to packages that require ample protection during shipping and handling, BestPack offers an expansive selection of custom packing tape and tape dispensers to fulfill your needs and display your branding.

Our designers are capable of printing your custom packing tape with logo for promotional purposes, printing stock messages for handler instructions, or you may opt for plain stock items. In addition to custom packing tape printing, we can customize tape by type, size, thickness, and color.

If you are looking for some of the best custom packing tape and colored packing tape available anywhere then download our brochures for more information and contact us today!