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With the spread of COVID-19 and governments enforcing “Safer at Home” orders, retailers around the world are closing their doors and shifting to eCommerce. The pandemic has caused many consumers to shop online for home necessities as well as entertainment.  Covid-19 has triggered a demand in online orders so big that Amazon hired over 100,000 workers to keep up with the surge. (cnn source) According to Influence Central, a digital-marketing firm, “online shopping has increased by nearly 40% since the pandemic began,” (startribune source) Grocery stores have also had to limit food purchases due to lack of supply causing many consumers to purchase groceries online. (geekwire source) Retail businesses are now moving toward eCommerce in order to survive the current pandemic.

What Automation Brings to Businesses during COVID-19
Many businesses have had to change the way they operate in order to maintain supply and stay in business during this pandemic. Social distancing orders have made running a business more challenging causing businesses to look for alternate solutions. Businesses have started to invest in automation to accelerate production and also maintain social distancing in manufacturing facilities. Automation protects warehousing and delivery workers from being exposed to pathogens due to minimal contact of products and packaging. Automation will also create new opportunities to fulfill people’s potential and aspirations according to Forbes. (Forbes source) Not only does automation boost production and promote social distancing it eliminates tedious and dangerous tasks that would take long hours to accomplish. Automation will bring about new innovative ways to utilize personnel where they are more productive. BestPack is your first step toward boosting production and maintaining safety in your workplace With over 120 solutions and custom-fit solutions to
choose from we are your number #1 automation solution provider!

Basic Automation for Companies New to the Game
For companies starting in automation that are unsure what to look for, we recommend starting with our MSD Simple System. It is our best-selling uniform unit that includes conveyors, casters, L-brackets and seals up to 40 uniform cartons/min. If you have a variety of random carton sizes that need to be sealed, checkout our RS random side drive unit. Sealing up to 15 cartons/min, this is our most popular random unit. These units and much more are in stock and ready to ship. All BestPack equipment can be fully customized to fit your specific needs with a variety of options from safety gates, T-rails, flap folders, and more.

Advanced Automation Users Who Want that Extra Boost
For companies looking for a fully automated solution, BestPack’s CSS, fully automated servo-driven machine seals up to up to 30 random cartons/min. It has 3 independent stations for spacing, flap folding, and sealing making it the all in one solution to fully automate your packaging line.

What about carton erecting?
Carton sealing can be difficult if the carton isn’t erected properly. Meet BestPack’s ELVS high-speed carton erector. It comes in either a left or right feed and can erect up to 15 cartons/min. With easy carton changeover and one of the smallest erector footprints in the industry, BestPack’s ELVS has been one of our most popular carton erectors in the industry today! The carton erector is equipped with a wide selection of options to be the right fit for your business.

A lot of our standard machines are in stock and ready to ship! Contact Us now so we can start automating your business today!


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