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We find ourselves amidst a resonating challenge. The recycling situation in the United States loudly calls for robust and sustainable actions across the board. 

In a time where discarded materials continuously threaten our ecological stability, we seek durable and effective solutions to move toward a future where conservation, stability, and innovation intersect harmoniously.


The Present State of Recycling in the U.S.

In the face of technological advancements and spiraling consumption, the U.S. is encompassed by growing heaps of recyclable materials: plastics, paper, glass, and beyond. The current struggle involves local municipalities wrestling with the intricate and costly undertaking of managing recycling programs. 

This struggle is further complicated by varying market demands for recycled materials and escalating contamination issues. Additionally, China’s 2018 “National Sword” policy significantly cut its acceptance of foreign recyclable materials, catapulting the U.S. recycling industry into a challenging realm of growing stockpiles and the quest for alternative markets.

However, the path forward isn’t merely defined by obstacles. Hints of innovation and strategic evolution are starting to break through, carving a pathway toward a more sustainable destination through means like adopting single-stream recycling, exploring new domestic markets, and investing in advanced sorting technologies.

China's 2018 National Sword Policy and US Recyclables

Progressing Towards Sustainable Solutions

The journey toward a more viable recycling future is tethered to transformation, rooted in the basics—like packaging. Envision a world where packaging becomes a catalyst, propelling the recycling industry forward.

Sustainable packaging isn’t just about containment; it’s about minimizing resource usage and reducing waste. Automated packaging solutions stand out as key, providing a reduction in material usage, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing waste generation, through the intertwining of technology and sustainable practices.

Sustainability and Bestpack

BestPack: Navigating Sustainable Packaging

Embarking on a journey through the intricate paths of recycling and sustainability, BestPack manifests as a luminous symbol of innovative, automated packaging solutions, illuminating the way for businesses and industries amidst complex environmental challenges.

With a robust legacy spanning over 35 years, BestPack has firmly entrenched its authority across various pivotal industries, including internet fulfillment, agriculture, egg sealing, and a multitude of unique applications. 

This expertise is not merely a testament to their reliability but a reflection of their ability to craft adaptive solutions, meticulously tailored to meet and transcend the diverse, specific needs of clients across myriad sectors.

BestPack innovative packaging solutions

Consider the transformative impact of automated carton sealers, which not only optimize tape usage, significantly minimizing waste, but also markedly reduce instances of human error and the wastefulness of double taping — prevalent issues in manual hand taping processes.

It’s a world where carton erectors meticulously shape boxes with pinpoint precision, optimal material usage is ensured, the incidence of improperly constructed packages is minimized, and, consequently, the recycling burden is lightened. 

These aren’t mere aspirations but actualities, meticulously forged into reality by BestPack’s extensive array of sustainable products.

BestPack’s automated solutions serve not simply as tools but as strategic allies, ensuring that your packaging processes are not only streamlined but also fundamentally imbued with sustainability principles, contributing substantially to the wider recycling and ecological conversation.

Impact of Automated BestPack Carton Sealers

Taking a Realistic Dive into Some of BestPack’s Solutions

While not an expansive list, we’d like to share some of our most advanced and  in-demand solutions.

MSD – Your Gateway to Automation

Welcome to a simplified automation solution – the MSD Simple Pack & Seal System. As an entry-level, semi-automatic uniform tape carton sealer, the MSD is perfect for businesses looking to sprout their automation roots or even expand them. 

Operator-fed, managing uniform cartons with top and bottom sealing capabilities, and encompassing $1200 worth of accessories, it’s an invaluable asset for tackling a variety of light-to-heavy-duty uniform carton closure applications efficiently and sustainably. 

The extended 4” carton height, side belt technology, and long infeed/exit conveyors further accentuate its convenience and efficacy. We also have a separate MSD model that functions not only for manual sidedrive, but as a dual mast carton sealer as well.

BestPack MSD Carton Sealer

CSF – Automation with Precision

Moving forward to the CSF, it symbolizes a leap into advanced automation by becoming a fully automatic random carton sealer that remarkably manages up to 12 cartons/min. 

Beyond the numbers, it’s the technology that impresses; the inclusion of a servo motor and VPN wifi module for precision, accuracy, and smooth technical support catapults your sealing repeatability to new heights, while catering to varied carton sizes. 

It’s not just about sealing; it’s about sustaining your product’s safety throughout its journey with impeccable precision.

BestPack CSF Servo powered Carton Sealer


ELVS – Setting New Standards in Carton Erecting

Then, there’s the ELVS, a remarkable carton erector that isn’t just about putting together a box but erecting standards in functionality and reliability. 

Addressing varied carton sizes without demanding a tool’s intervention for size changeover, it stands as a testament to BestPack’s commitment to seamless, user-friendly operations. A cornerstone in efficient, sustainable packaging, it ensures that every carton it erects is not a mere container but a meticulously crafted safeguard for your product.


Championing Sustainability with BG Tape

BG Tape doesn’t just seal; it acts as a silent custodian of your commitment to sustainability, especially when it involves recycled corrugated box sealing. 

Designed meticulously for challenging applications, the BG Tape ensures your transition to recycled materials is smooth, efficient, and reliable. Its high tack adhesive is a savior for diverse applications, whether it’s sealing recycled corrugates, managing overstuffed boxes, or ensuring adhesion in varied temperature environments. 

Here, every strip is a stride towards sustainability without compromising the reliability of the seal or the safety of the product within.

Bestpack Carton Sealing Tape BG Acrylic Tape


Machines that Whisper Efficiency in Every Operation

When it comes to BestPack’s suite of carton sealers, every machine is a culmination of years of research, innovation, and fine-tuning, all crafted to enhance efficiency and reduce waste in your packaging materials. 

Each machine isn’t just a tool; it’s a tailored solution, meticulously designed to align with user-specific applications, ensuring that your packaging processes are not merely a production stage but a strategic, efficient, and sustainable operation that invariably enhances your overall operational output.

BestPack’s solutions seamlessly intertwine with your operations, each ensuring meticulous attention to detail and unyielding reliability. Label applicators convey essential product information with absolute precision, while our Inkjet printers guarantee that every detail and date is imprinted with unassailable accuracy. 

Meanwhile, our Flexible Film Wrapping Equipment and Quick-Shrink-201/IR go beyond mere wrapping. They safeguard your product’s integrity, affirming that every solution from BestPack isn’t just a machine, but a silent partner in propelling you towards an efficient, sustainable future.


Embarking on the journey toward sustainability requires a robust, reliable, and innovation-driven ally. With its wealth of experience and a collection of sustainable, automated packaging solutions, BestPack stands as your unwavering companion on this journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

Choosing BestPack isn’t about adopting a few products. It’s about integrating solutions that work tirelessly in the background, ensuring your packaging processes are not just effective and efficient but also rooted in sustainability.

By minimizing packaging waste and optimizing resource utilization, we can steer ourselves toward a future where sustainability and efficiency merge into a harmonious relationship, ensuring that the challenges of recycling become a manageable passageway toward ecological conservation.

It’s not about grandeur or spotlights; it’s about simplicity, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring your products are not just packaged but cared for, from your hands to theirs. 

We’re known for finding customized solutions for all of our buyers and let our solutions speak for themselves. 

Get in touch today.


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