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Taking Advantage of Section 179

As we are coming towards the end of 2019 you, as a business owner, will need to ensure all your ducks are in a neat row when it comes to your taxes! In this article, we will simplify and explain to you what exactly Section 179 of the Tax Code is and how you can correctly use it to the benefit of yourself and your business!

Basically, the Section 179 deduction is that part of the Tax Code which allows businesses to deduct the purchase price for any qualifying equipment purchased during the tax year you are currently in! That means that if you buy a piece of equipment for your business and put it into service within that year, you can deduct the FULL purchase price from your gross income. This was created by the government to inspire businesses to invest in themselves and further their expansion. Learn more about Section 179 and the rules for it here: https://www.section179.org/

How can BestPack help your business with this? Well, our core values are geared towards helping other businesses automate their sealing process and boost efficiency. We focus on high-quality products for your business, innovation through customized solutions for our clients and responsibility for your expansion.

Quality – Often our customers will have our machines over 20+ years. We ensure you are given the best machine, every single time and help to make sure you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs or replacements. Our business is built around the idea that quality comes above all else in providing you with the best product possible to service you as you grow.

Innovation – We have built our business around being able to customize any solution for our clients and create solutions that match your business, fit into your production lines, and work seamlessly within your goals.

Community – Here at BestPack we don’t just focus on helping to improve your companies business, we also help by giving back to the world. We are helping to build missions in Mexico, villages in the Philippines, donating to the City of Hope and helping further other charitable endeavors to improve the world.

What are some physical ways we can help you before the year is over? Read below!

If you are making the changes in your business to become more automated we can definitely help with that. Increasing automation in your business frees up your employees to take on more administrative and strategic positions as well as quickens your production line.

For that, you are going to want to take a look at the MSD Simple Pack and Seal System. The entry-level system includes the MSD which is a Semi-Automatic Uniform Tape Carton Sealer, conveyors, casters and L-brackets, perfect for customers looking to automate for the first time. The MSD is our most popular operator-fed adjustable carton sealer. The MSD is a top of the line machine, designed to suit a variety of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. Using side belt technology, the MSD will seal very narrow to wide cartons. This can seal up to 40 cartons a minute!

If you are leaning more towards fully automating your business we can also help with that!

The BestPack CSS is an operator-free carton sealer designed to meet the needs of random carton closure applications. Designed to utilize three independent stations, a centering station, flap folding station and a sealing station. This makes for a machine capable of high speeds, up to 30 cartons/minute, and fast height and width adjustments – making for a smooth sealing operation.

Additionally, the beginning of any packaging line starts with the erecting of cartons or boxes. BestPack’s ELVS high-speed carton erector is a machine designed to erect up to 15 cartons per minute and is a heavy-duty workhorse designed for continually and high-speed carton erecting. The ELVS can handle a wide range of carton sizes and is arguably the most durable and efficient machine of its kind. It has one of the smallest footprints for a carton erector in the industry, and you have the ability to customize this machine to an existing packaging line.

In sum, we want you to take advantage of all that BestPack has to offer before this tax year is over. Look at how your business needs to expand, it’s goals and your own personal goals, and see what you need to do or change to create that expansion for yourself. If it means integrating automation or personalized packaging we can help you with that. It’s our guarantee! 

Browse our full range of automatic and semi-automatic sealers and carton erectors on our product pages and connect with us today!


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