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Improve Your Packaging Feature

How do you make your business stand out from other competitive brands? BestPack has a few suggestions to improve the way you package your products as well as your environmental impact. Customer experience and environmental sustainability has become a rising trend that companies should keep in mind when looking for better packaging solutions.

Suggestions to Enhance Your Packages:

  • Pack to Fit – As time becomes crucial for many companies, they resort to using only one or two box sizes to ship, regardless of how big or small the product is. Packing your products with the right sized box provides the customer with an easy unboxing experience but also shows that your company is environmentally conscious.
  • Branded Packaging – Lack of branding is just another lost opportunity to advertise yourself to potential customers. Simply having your logo, signature color, or an eye-catching graphic will make your package distinguishable among other packages.
  • Sustainability – Environmental responsibility is a growing trend for millennials today and they are looking for companies that will take the extra step to protect the planet. Making sure that your packaging products are eco-friendly will show how sustainable your company is and give your customers another reason to order from your company.

Stand Out of the Crowd with BestPack Automation & Innovation:

Whether you’re new to the automation game or have an existing automated setup, BestPack has a solution for you! With over 120+ carton sealers, high-speed erectors, and unique taping solutions, we guarantee that choosing BestPack will help save on packaging costs, improve efficiency, and enhance your packages.

Wasteful shipping has become a growing controversy for many companies. Customers would receive huge boxes for an item that can fit in the palm of your hand. Fortunately for you, BestPack has developed many solutions to stop wasteful shipping and be more mindful of the environment. Our RS Random Sidedrive is an excellent solution for companies looking to minimize dimensional weight and seal multiple sized boxes at high speeds. Stop shipping in an over-sized box and ship your product with the right box size. You not only provide your customer with a better unboxing experience but you also save on shipping costs! Find the sealer that’s best suited for you with our Find a Sealer Tool.

Bold & catchy graphics! If you’re not branding yourself, you’re missing out on opportunities to get more customers! BestPack has you covered with our Custom Printed Tape (available in surface & lock print). Give your packages a professional advertising appeal that distinguishes your package from the rest. Never miss out on another lost opportunity again.

BestPack Custom Tape

Recycled material is the wave of the future! With an excess of waste in the world it is our responsibility to make sure that we reduce our carbon footprint whenever we can. For you, it could start with your packaging materials! BestPack has developed BG Tape, a specially formulated tape that works well with 100% recycled corrugated cartons. Manufactured in an ISO 14001 Certified facility, it has the high tack properties that hot melt users like and the protective properties to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures. On top of that, using a BestPack carton sealer can also reduce your carbon footprint due to their long lasting durable materials.

If you don’t think that shipping packages effects your business, think again. Impress your customer base with enhanced packaging from using the right sized boxes, eye-catching branding and eco-friendly solutions. BestPack automation and innovation has you covered for all your packaging needs.

Based on the article: Setting Your E-commerce Business Apart With Thoughtful Packaging

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