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Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Packaging Line

For every company that has to package up products and get them out to consumers or distributors, there comes a time when the question of automating your packaging line or sticking with your current operation comes up. It’s usually the case that your current operation is causing some challenges when it comes to production efficiency and ROI. It’s not scaling to meet growth and is costing more and more every day. You may experience difficulties as your business handles increased demand. These difficulties often include limitation on speed, quantity and labor issues. Packaging automation is an excellent place in your production line to eliminate these difficulties imposed by increased demand or even streamlining your existing operation. Making the decision to automate your packaging line requires that you understand the reasons why this would make sense for your business. We have put together the top 5 reasons to automate your packaging line:Top 5 Features


    1. Automation of your packaging line can save your company money and increase output. When you invest in quality machines and incorporate these into your packaging line it pays off very fast. With the increase in the speed in which you can package products, this increases your ability to output packages. Additionally, these machines allow you to save money from labor costs and wasted materials.
    2. Automation cuts down material waste and reduces carbon-footprint. When you are packaging by hand, there can be a surprisingly significant quantity of waste generated which, of course, is not only wasted money but also not great for the environment. Having an automated packaging line means you use the exact quantity of tape needed, the boxes are erected and sealed perfectly and your product isn’t dropped or otherwise damaged accidentally.
    3. Less repetitive motion by employees means less injuries & workman’s comp premiums. We all know that repetitive motions can, over time especially, increase workplace injuries for employees. Plus this can also have a significant negative effect on the finances with increase in workman’s comp claims and premiums plus potential disability paid leave, etc,. Employees are the backbone of of every company and are a vital asset for your business. By freeing up employees in packaging, they can be moved to cover other vital tasks in the organization that may have a lower chance of injury. When you automate your packaging line, you remove this potential liability for your employees plus for your finances.
    4. Automation brings about enhanced product presentation, security of product due to proper sealing and erecting and general professionalism for consumers. A machine that accurately erects your cartons perfectly, a machine that perfectly seals the cartons to exact specifications or adjusting specifications and a finished product that looks clean, professional and well done can have significant effects on the consumers end when receiving your finished product. A professional looking seal can go a long way to bringing your brand to the next level in the eyes of the public.
    5. Automation brings about a better ROI when it comes to meeting quotas. To sum it all up, automation of your packaging line cuts costs, prevents injuries and financial liabilities, reduces waste, improves presentation and security of your packages as well as provides the means to increasing your output. All of which helps your business to meet its quota with a better ROI by reducing the cost of the packaging aspect while increasing its efficiency.

    Now, with all of that being said, usually the first question you may have is “where do we start?” Here at BestPack we specialize in providing the best packaging solutions available and are experts at helping you to answer this question. Every company is different, every packaging line is unique in its designs, requirements and items being packaged. That’s why we have gained a reputation of innovation and customization for our products to match your packaging line without the loss of any quality.


Usually the beginning of a packaging line starts with the erecting of cartons or boxes. BestPack’s ELVS high speed carton erector is a machine designed to erect up to 15 cartons per minute and is fully automated, requiring no operator. This machine erects uniform cartons and seals the bottom of the box so your product is ready to be placed inside. This machine can handle a wide range of carton sizes and is arguably the most durable and efficient machine of its kind.


Once the carton is erected and the product has been placed inside, the next step is to properly seal the boxes. The BestPack MSD is a semi-automatic uniform tape carton sealer and is our most popular operator-fed adjustable carton sealer. The MSD is a top of the line machine, designed to suit a variety of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. Using side belt technology, the MSD will seal very narrow to wide cartons and is capable of sealing up to 40 cartons per minute.

In the field video of the ELVS & MSD.


On the other hand, if your cartons vary in size and shape, there are other options best suited for this. The BestPack RS is a semi-automatic random tape carton sealer built for speed and rugged dependability. The RS easily seals a wide range of random carton weights and sizes. Able to effectively seal very light to very heavy cartons, BestPack’s RS sealer is a workhorse and the most flexible unit in our random sealer product line.

The final component to take into consideration is the tape used to seal your packages. Here at BestPack we have developed our own lines of tape which we have tested and tuned over and over again to perfection for the different package types and their sealing requirements.

BG Tape

For instance, the BestPack BG Tape is a specially formulated adhesive with a specially formulated film composition to create a high tack property. Using our unique low stretch cast film, BG Carton Sealing Tape is perfect for difficult and challenging applications where high tack adhesive is needed. These challenges include: 100% recycled corrugated box sealing, overstuffed boxes, and freezer conditions. This tape is ideal for recycled boxes, which traditionally can be difficult to seal properly.

The BestPack BG Carton Sealing Tape is sold exclusively at BestPack only. No other manufacturer has this product. If you don’t think that shipping packages affects your business, think again. Impress your customer base with enhanced packaging, while reducing costs and increasing output. BestPack automation and innovation has you covered for all your packaging needs. Contact us today!

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