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Unveiling BestPack’s Commitment to Sustainability: Beyond Greenwashing

The concept of sustainability has shifted from a mere trend to a vital strategy as businesses and consumers recognize the urgency of addressing environmental challenges.

At BestPack, we embrace this shift by incorporating sustainable practices into our business and pioneering innovations in sustainable packaging that demonstrate our commitment to a healthier planet.

This blog post deepens into our latest sustainability initiatives and ongoing journey towards greener packaging solutions.

The Green Reality: Cutting Through the Greenwashing

The term “greenwashing” has become all too common in the industry, where superficial commitments are often marketed as deep environmental initiatives. At BestPack, we are dedicated to moving beyond buzzwords and implementing real, impactful changes.

Our efforts are rooted in genuine practices that ensure our products and operations contribute positively to the environment. From utilizing solar-powered facilities to adhering to stringent recycling standards, every step we take is a step towards sustainability.

Introducing BestPack’s Exploration of Sustainable Product Innovations

Biodegradable Options with PLA Potential

One exciting area BestPack is actively exploring is the development of biodegradable tape with a PLA (polylactic acid) backing.

PLA is a bio-based plastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch, making it an excellent alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics. Should our tests prove successful, a tape like this, featuring a water-based acrylic adhesive, would offer exceptional performance while being curbside recyclable.

This would mean easy recycling through conventional recycling programs, just like paper or cardboard, ultimately reducing landfill waste and promoting the reuse of materials.

High-Performance Post-Industrial Recycled (PIR) Products Under Development

Our commitment to recycling doesn’t stop with biodegradable materials. We are delving into the potential of tapes made from post-industrial recycled (PIR) materials. These products would be crafted using leftover industrial-process materials, which would otherwise go to waste.

We aim to develop PIR tape with a high-tack seal that strengthens over time, ensuring durability and reliability for heavy-duty use. This approach supports the recycling chain and enhances product longevity and efficiency.

Investigating Revolutionary Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Products

To further close the recycling loop, BestPack investigates the potential of tapes and films crafted from post-consumer recycled materials, such as rPET, derived from recycled PET bottles.

We envision rPET tape and POF shrink films containing up to 70% and 30% recycled content, respectively. These innovations would set a new standard for sustainability, utilizing waste materials effectively and reducing our dependence on virgin plastics.

Expanding Our Sustainable Offerings: Paper Tape and More

In addition to investigating cutting-edge options like rPET and POF shrink films, BestPack is committed to expanding our sustainable product line with proven options like Paper Tape and other eco-friendly solutions.

Our Paper Tape is designed for optimal recyclability and crafted from curbside recyclable materials. It offers an environmentally responsible alternative for both industrial and personal use.

This comprehensive exploration demonstrates our dedication to meeting and exceeding environmental standards. We aim to provide our customers with various reliable, sustainable packaging solutions.

BestPack’s Comprehensive Sustainability Efforts

Our approach to sustainability is holistic and comprehensive, covering every aspect of the product lifecycle—from material sourcing to production, and finally to recycling.

Our BG formula tapes, for example, are specially designed to work seamlessly with recycled corrugated materials. They promote the use of recycled products and ensure that these materials are continuously recyclable, helping to avoid the landfill and reduce the need for raw materials.

We also ensure that our products, such as the biodegradable PLA tape, are not only made from sustainable materials but are also curbside recyclable. This commitment extends across our product range, supporting the broader goal of reducing environmental impact through better waste management and recycling practices.

Leading the Charge in the Sustainable Packaging Revolution

As we continue to innovate and lead in sustainable packaging solutions, we invite our customers, partners, and the wider community to join us in this green revolution.

By choosing BestPack’s sustainable products, you support a movement that prioritizes the planet’s health over mere profit. Our efforts are detailed further on our dedicated sustainability page, where we share more about our initiatives and the impact they have.


Join Us on This Sustainable Journey

We are committed to continuous improvement and are always looking for ways to enhance our sustainability impact. We encourage you to follow our journey, provide feedback, and join us in making a significant difference—one package at a time.

Stay tuned for the rollout of our new products and continue to support sustainable options that help pave the way for a cleaner, greener future. For more information on our products and efforts, visit our website or contact our dedicated sales team. Together, let’s pack a greener future!


For more information and to see how you can be part of this sustainable journey, please reach out to our customer service team.

We’re here to help you transition to more sustainable packaging solutions that not only meet your needs but also support the Earth.


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