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The engineered Quality of BestPack’s carton sealers will assure
that you benefit from years of Innovation and Customization expertise.

Here are 10 reasons that will help you become more efficient, operate
more safely, cut costs, and maximize your profitability.

1. Increase Output

BestPack’s line of High-Speed Carton Sealers can increase your sealing rate up to 1.5 times.

2. Eliminate Double Taping

Carton Sealers only apply one strip of tape on the top & bottom of the box eliminating the
extra cost of tape when manual laborers place 3 or 4 strips of tape per box.

3. Reduce Tape Cost

Going from 3″ tape to 2″ tape with quality tape and automation could be a possibility.

4. Enhanced Packaging

Without unnecessary strips of tape on the box, the outside packaging looks more clean-cut
and presentable for on-the-shelf presentation.

5. Enhance Product Security

Automated carton sealers provide better and more consistent carton security for transport of
items, thus eliminating losses from pilferage.

6. Eliminate Product Damage

Using staples, glue, or strapping can sometimes damage product while being packaged.
There are high maintenance costs using staple & glue sealing machines.

7. Reduce Employee Injuries and Downtime

Carton Sealers will stop repetitive motion for your employees, and eliminate fatigue,
downtime, and claims for carpal tunnel syndrome.

8. Reduce Workman’s Comp Premiums

With reduced claims and this preventive measure, workman’s comp premiums may be able to be reduced.

9. Eliminate Uneven Tape Lengths and Positions

Carton Sealers will regulate the length of each tape tab to eliminate excessive tape costs per box.

10. Save on Corrugated

BestPack’s R&D in carton sealing technologies has developed new solutions that can
save your company up to 20% of your corrugated & packaging costs.

Interested in Our Carton Sealers?
Here Are A Few Easy-to-Use Models:

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View Machine >

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Call BestPack at 1.888.588.2378 for more information.

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