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The Growth of Retail/Internet Fulfillment

It’s safe to say that there has been a large increase in the retail and internet fulfillment industry over the last decade. With the fulfilment industry set to double in growth over the next two years, it’s no wonder that brands are looking for help and guidance to stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition.

As more brands emerge in the retail and internet fulfillment space, the number of options prospective customers can choose from their search of products increases. For example, when you Google search “best gardening tools”, you are faced with 175,000,000 search results. A fair share of those are companies offering gardening tools for sale.

To give you some understanding, here are some statistics from 99Firms.com that demonstrate the growth of the retail/internet fulfillment industry:

In 2019 thus far, there are at least 2 BILLION buyers for online retail fulfillment. This is an ever expanding market that we see will continue to That is a huge market, and it’s only growing as time goes on.  The scope and reach of the internet fulfillment increases to all corners of our world.

The total value of global retail ecommerce sales will reach 3.45 Trillion by the end of 2019, this is expected to break 4 Trillion by 2020. More and more people are buying and doing product research online. (Sourced from www.99firms.com):

Brands need to stand out in order to attract and retain their customers and provide outstanding service. There are various ways companies go about accomplishing this, and this article is not an attempt to cover every single one of these. It is to discuss about some specific options that could benefit your company, from a few simple changes to a specific aspect of your customer interface and interaction.

Here at BestPack we specialize in helping brands increase their customer satisfaction and improve their ability to stand out from the crowd. By providing packaging solutions to companies, we are able to help them automate their packaging line, increase cost-efficiency, and lower a company’s carbon-footprint. We also provide customized packaging tape that improves the brand’s awareness and the quality of packages received by customers. This overall enhances the customers’ interface with the company and its product.

Here are some solutions we offer to help your brand accomplish this:

The ELVS Machine

The beginning of any packaging line starts with the erecting of cartons or boxes. BestPack’s ELVS high speed carton erector is a machine designed to erect up to 15 cartons per minute, is fully automated, and requires no operator. This machine erects uniform cartons and seals the bottom of the box so your product is ready to be placed inside. The ELVS can handle a wide range of carton sizes and is arguably the most durable and efficient machine of its kind. It has one of the smallest footprints for a carton erector in the industry, and you have the ability to customize this machine to an existing packaging line. This ELVS is a great solution for the retail/internet fulfillment industry.

The MSD Machine
Other areas in which packaging can be greatly improved is increased efficiency, lowered costs on labor & packaging material, and enhanced sealing quality of packages. The BestPack MSD is a semi-automatic uniform tape carton sealer and is our most popular operator-fed adjustable carton sealer. The MSD is a top of the line machine designed to suit a variety of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. Using side belt technology, the MSD seals narrow to wide cartons and is capable of sealing up to 40 cartons per minute. Additionally, this sealer can be customized to a wide variety of solutions. Check out the following for examples of how this machine can be customized to meet specific applications: MSD-6
, MSDBF, and the MSL.

BestPack Customized Packaging Tape
What better way to impress a first time customer than having tape that corresponds beautifully with your packaging and product? BestPack offers one of a kind custom printed packaging tape, two types of which we are going to highlight in particular in this article called Surface Print and Lock Print.

  • Surface Print tape has your custom logo or artwork printed above the film and adhesive. This allows us to print this type of tape in smaller volumes with quick production times. The minimum order is half a pallet.
  • Lock Print allows you to print your custom logo below the film and above the adhesive. This is a more cost effective way of printing custom printed tape if you are doing higher volume prints. The minimum order is 2 pallets.

In the end, don’t waste countless hours trying to figure out how to make your brand and company the top of the food chain. We have a myriad of solutions for you, and we are here to help as the number one leading authority in all things packaging in the industry. Contact Us today!

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