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It’s already October. Let that sink in for a moment. We are roughly 7 short weeks away from Black Friday and the December gift-giving season is just around the corner. With this year’s holiday shopping comes the anticipation of highest ever purchasing, both online and in stores. This means there is a lot of potential here to capture market share and increase efficiency to help fulfill these shipments.

Predictions to Consider:
Roughly 50% of the world’s consumers have already begun looking for products on their friends’ and family’s wish lists, according to a new online survey from The Harris Poll and OpenX, an ad exchange network, that polled 2,000 shoppers in August.

The holidays are a critical time for many brands. According to the survey, sales during this time of year can make up 30% of a retailer’s annual revenue. Heading into the gift-giving season, shoppers are expected to spend 5% more this year than they did last year.

“What we found should be encouraging to retail marketers trying to drive action this holiday season,” said Tim Cadogan, chairman, and chief executive officer for OpenX. “Consumers are optimistic about the future of the economy and their optimism will fuel increased spending.”

However, while consumers plan to spend more this year, they also plan to spend their money differently than last year. Cadogan’s team expects 53% of all holiday shopping to be done digitally. “On Black Friday, traditionally a day for brick-and-mortar, the number of consumers planning to shop online vs. in-store is almost identical,” the report said.

Overall holiday retail sales are expected to increase between 4.5% to 5% this holiday season, according to Deloitte’s annual forecast, passing $1.1 trillion in sales from November through January. Deloitte predicts eCommerce sales will increase 14%-18% this holiday season, a significant bump from 11.2% in 2018, reaching between $144 to $149 billion.

How to prepare your business for this upcoming shopping rush?
BestPack is the leading solution provider in the packaging industry and as such has fully customizable automatic and semi-automatic machines designed to fit your packaging line and increase your business’s efficiency and professionalism, saving you money over time.

Automate your Packaging Line
For every company that has to package up products and get them out to their consumers, automation can be incredibly effective at increasing productivity. It’s usually the case that your current operation is causing several challenges when it comes to production efficiency and ROI. Maybe it’s not scaling to meet growth and is costing more and more every day as demand increases. You may experience difficulties as time goes on and growth occurs. These difficulties often include limitations on speed and lack of output. The implementation of an automated packaging line can help smooth out operations and make these difficulties non-existent. 

Here are a few points to consider:

Basic Automation – When it comes to putting in place basic automation for your packaging line, we have the exact array of machines for you. A prime example is our MSD Manual Sidedrive Carton Sealer, the BestPack MSD Series is a Semi-Automatic Uniform Carton Sealer and is our most popular operator-fed adjustable sealer. The MSD is a top of the line machine, designed to suit a variety of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. Using side belt technology, the MSD will seal wide to very narrow cartons. This machine is definitely our most adjustable manual model we have and can be customized to meet specific application needs.

Now if your packaging line needs a real boost for the holiday shopping rush, our RS Random Sidedrive Carton Sealer is for you. The BestPack RS is a Semi-Automatic Random Carton Sealer that easily seals a wide range of random carton sizes, equipped with an adjustable mast that allows for an extra 4″ of carton height on the upper assembly. The RS Series is built for speed and rugged dependability. Using side belt drives, the RS is able to effectively seal very light to very heavy cartons. BestPack’s RS sealer is a workhorse and the most flexible unit in our random carton sealer product line. it’s an excellent solution for your fulfillment warehouse.

Mid-Tier Automation –  If you are looking for more automation for your packaging line and need a machine that can really turn out sealed cartons with speed, our AS Carton Sealer is likely to be the best option for you. The BestPack AS is an operator-free carton sealer designed to flap fold and seal uniform cartons. With its solid four column support structure and dual-motor side belt technology, the AS closes all four top flaps and seals the top and bottom of the carton. The AS can seal up to 57 cartons per minute!

Fully Automatic Systems –  Looking for the best of the best while putting in place a customizable but completely automatic packaging system to help you to easily conquer this year’s shopping rush? Our BestPack ELVS & CSS machines are designed to work seamlessly together to create a completely automated packaging line for your fulfillment warehouse.

Our ELVS Carton Erector is a high-speed uniform erector with one of the smallest footprints on the market today and can be customized to fit into any packaging line. This machine can erect 10-15 cartons per minute and doesn’t require an operator to run the machine.
*Our CSS Carton Sealer is a Fully Automatic Random Sealer featuring our servo-driven technology, which allows for fast height adjustment, quick width adjustment, and smooth sealing operations. The CSS’ design utilizes three independent stations: centering station, flap folding station, and sealing station. The CSS is designed for speed and allows for precise positioning at each station. This machine is capable of a carton output of up to 30 cartons per minute.

What about the Adhesive?
Why not utilize your BestPack carton sealing solution with some dependable & effective carton sealing tape? We carry a full line of carton sealing tape that works in extreme environments as well as an exclusive tape that has both acrylic & hot melt properties.

Acrylic – are you looking for carton sealing tape that works in hot or cold environments, doesn’t yellow, has excellent clarity & is perfect for food packaging operations? BestPack’s BP water-based acrylic is the perfect solution for you.

Hot Melt – adhesive tape with increased tack and sheer. BestPack’s HT tape has an aggressive seal immediately upon application. Its release coating makes your box seal consistent every time.

Acrylic Hybrid – What if you want the properties of both acrylic & hot melt at an affordable price? BestPack’s BG tape is a hybrid type of the two and is specially formulated for applications using 100% recycled corrugated.

We carry a full line of hand rolls and machine rolls for our carton sealing tape. You also have the option to get any of our various lines of generic printed tape or our custom printed tape as well. Contact your local BestPack Representative if you have any questions regarding our lines of tape.

It’s safe to say that our machinery and solutions will get you the best results for your money. Not just as a great tax write-off for 2019 but also as a solid investment into automating your packaging line or enhancing your existing packaging line in preparation for this year’s shopping boom!

There’s not much time left! Contact us now and we can get a machine out to you in 2 weeks or less. Reach out to us today and we will make sure you’re prepared for an investment that will change your business for the future!

Based On: The Harris Poll & Open X, Deloitte’s Annual Forecast

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